Auction Services Offered


Aaron Industrial Solutions is an industrial online auction, liquidation, and asset management platform that offers quality equipment, dependable service, and competitive prices.

Leveraging our vast knowledge and track record, Aaron Equipment has built the online auction marketplace to become one of the industry's easiest-to-use and most powerful industrial auction websites. We chose an online auction platform to enable bidders to visually inspect all equipment without having to physically travel to the equipment's location. As a result, we bring together a far greater number of interested buyers than a traditional auction house can.

Aaron's auction managers can help you optimize the position of your assets in the auction, find the right end users to market to, and create appropriate starting bid reserves.


Access our auctions from any device!

  • Ease of use
  • Assets to cash
  • Discovering what your equipment is worth
  • Quick disposal
  • Obtaining competitive pricing
  • Selling from your location
  • Letting us do all the work
  • Access to our large customer database
  • Quick turnaround



We provide multiple marketing platforms and cater to the needs of the project.

Custom Auction Brochures

Creation of a full-color, multi-page auction brochure. This serves as a catalyst for getting buyers excited about the sale.

Digital Marketing

We utilize online marketing across a wide but targeted spectrum. Our experienced digital marketing team takes full advantage of search, display remarketing and social media opportunities. We also create videos showcasing the plant as well as the machinery running under power.

Custom E-Blasts

Professionally-formatted custom e-blasts will be sent to thousands of suitable buyers based on industry-specific SIC codes and geographic location. These e-blasts will provide information that will enable buyers to make informed decisions.

Direct Mail

Historically successful bidders have provided extensive feedback indicating that they prefer to receive a full-color, printed brochure. We know that this is one of the most effective channels for ensuring strong buyer participation. Our team has access to databases of thousands of buyers in a variety of industries.

Website Advertising

We increase visibility and promotional value by showcasing the sale on our own website. We also regularly hold auctions using Bidspotter, Proxibid, and Industrial Bid, all of which attract numerous buyers. Users can access sale details, auction brochure and catalog, and view photos of the inventory 24 hours a day.

Trade Publications

Prior to the sale, custom advertisements will be strategically placed in specific trade publications that have historically reached the greatest number of qualified buyers, as well as newspapers.

Digital Marketing

  • Our digital reach using email blast campaigns are second to none. We leverage our customer base with proven buyers in the industries that match your equipment for sale.


  • Auction Licenses

    Florida - AU4797
    Georgia - AU003820
    Illinois - 441.000826
    Indiana - AU11000137
    North Carolina -10198
    Ohio - 2015000061
    Pennsylvania - AU006064
    South Carolina - 4489
    Tennessee - 6743
    Texas - 16980
    Virginia - 2907004660
    Wisconsin - 2626052

  • Bond Numbers

    Upon request, Aaron may obtain a bond in any region. Please allow 48 hours to secure.

  • Insurance

    $1,000.000 General Liability Coverage
    $5,000,000 Umbrella Coverage
    $500,000 Workers Compensation